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Where are you located?

We are located at 14837 32 Mile Road, Romeo, MI 48065. We are on the north side of 32 Mile Road, across from the old Romeo Golf course, located between Van Dyke Expressway (M- 53) and Powell Road.

When is the gym closed for holidays or breaks?

The gym will be closed for classes on Easter weekend, Memorial Day weekend, July 4th week, Labor Day weekend, Halloween, Thanksgiving weekend, and for holiday break in December and early January.  For specific days and dates, please refer to our current schedule, gym postings or online announcements.

Can we make up a class if we miss a day?

Yes!  American Gymnastics offers unlimited make up classes.  If your child misses a class, call or stop by the front desk to schedule a make-up class any other day that the class is offered.

How old does my child have to be to start a class at AGC Romeo?

Our gymnastics classes are offered for kids young as 6 months old up to 18 years old.  Learn more about our classes by clicking here.

What does my child need to wear to class?

For girls, a gymnastic leotard is preferred.  Boys can wear a T-shirt and shorts.  Your child must be bare foot (no shoes, no socks or tights, etc.).  And if your child has long hair, please pull it back into a pony tail.  No dangly jewelry or denim. They should have a water bottle with their name on it to bring into the gym with them.  Water only please!

Do you offer birthday parties?

Yes, American Gymnastics is a great place to host your little one’s birthday party.  The kids have a blast running, jumping and playing with our coaches while you relax.   Click here for more information about Birthday Parties and how to reserve one today.  We are often booking parties 2-3 months ahead of time, so call to check our birthday party availability.

Do you have to be a member to attend an Open Gym, Tumble Clinic or Flipout?

No, our Open Gyms, Tumble Clinics and/or Flipouts are open to the public, as well as our members.  Everyone is welcome. Click here for more information on our classes.

Does AGC Romeo offer discounts for more than one child?

Our facility offers sibling discounts when more than one child is enrolled in classes. The first child’s class (highest tuition) is full price, the second child’s class is 10% off, and the third and any additional siblings classes are 15% off.  If a child is enrolled in more than one class at the same time, the 2nd class (lowest tuition) is 25% off.  Current military families receive 10% off the first child’s class as a thank you for dedicated service.

Can parents stay and watch their children in class?

Yes, we welcome visitors and parents to watch our classes.  The viewing area is comfortable and allows most sections of the gym to be seen easily.  We also offer free Wi-Fi for our guests and additional seating at the tables in our party rooms to do work, homework, or enjoy snacks.

What payment options do you have and what forms of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check or credit cards including Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover.  We also accept TradeFirst.

For your convenience, we have a monthly auto-pay program that charges your debit or credit card on the 23rd of each month for the following month.  This ensures your child’s class status until you tell us otherwise.  Customers choosing to pay for classes with another form of payment will still need to have a valid credit card on file that will be charged if payment is not received before the 23rd billing date. On a calendar year basis, four classes per month is typical. if there are five classes in a month, your tuition rate does not increase.  If there are three classes in a month, your account is not credited.

Do you sell leotards?

Yes, we sell a variety of leotards in many styles, colors and sizes in our pro-shop.

Isn't gymnastics a girl's sport?

While gymnastics is a very common girls sport, it’s actually also a very popular boys sport, too.  Participating in the sport of gymnastics can promote positive effects in the following areas:

  • Builds coordination
  • Builds strength – particularly upper-body strength
  • Increases kinesthetic awareness – the ability to know where the body is in relation to space and motion (situation awareness)
  • Increases flexibility – which aides in skill learning and injury prevention
  • Builds self-confidence

Did You Know?

  1. Men’s Fitness Magazine declared men’s gymnastics the world’s toughest sport.  Gymnastics was ranked 1st among 40 sports using 7 different evaluation criteria such as the fitness, skills and the brains required for success.
  2. Elite male gymnasts are way above the average in overall fitness compared to other athletes.