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Field Trips at American Gymnastics in Romeo, Michigan
Field Trips at American Gymnastics in Romeo, MichiganField Trips at American Gymnastics in Romeo, Michigan

Field Trips/ Fundraisers

Since our Field Trips are custom-tailored to fit your needs, we ask that you please give us a call at (586) 752-3547.

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Product Description

Field trips are a great way for your preschool class, school group, or other group to have fun and get moving!  Field trips are done when there are no other activities or classes going on in the facility, and can be customized to suit your group’s needs.  Typical field trips are structured with games, obstacle courses, and parachute play. If you would like to add on extra time or have open playtime, just let us know!

An hour long field trip is $10 per child and and hour and half field trip is $14 per child.  To keep the cost of the field trip down, we ask that each field trip have at least 2 teachers, teacher assistants, or parent volunteers on the floor to help with keeping the kids together, bathroom breaks, etc.  Each child needs a parent signed consent form in order to participate.


Fundraisers are a great way to earn money for your school or organization without “selling” any products!  We typically hold fundraisers on Sundays from 5-7p.m.  Your group is responsible for selling a minimum of 50 “tickets” ahead of time and collecting the money, as well as supplying volunteers to help serve pizza and lemonade.  Each participant will get 2 hours of open playtime in the gym, and one slice of pizza and lemonade.  Additional pizza can be purchased for $1 per slice.  Participants need to be 3 and older and potty-trained since no adults will be allowed in the gym.  Your group will receive a check for 50% of the proceeds when it is all said and done!