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Romeo Coaches Attend USA-Gymnastics Seminars

AGC Romeo proudly sent Head Coach Deanna Stiefel to San Jose, California this summer for the USA-Gymnastics National Congress.  While there, Deanna attended over 15 seminars on coaching all ages, skills, games, props, technique, flexibility, office management, and more.  She came back full of ideas and eager to share her knowledge with the AGC Romeo coaching staff.  She has incorporated a few new things into each level’s weekly lesson plan in order to keep skills and drills fresh and fun.

In September 2012, AGC Romeo sent Program Director Lesley Gadioli and 4 coaches to the Region 5 USA-Gymnastics Congress in Indianapolis, Indiana.  Coaches Georgeta Barbu, Amanda Laux, Nicolette Sabath, and Jenna Swatsell attended 2.5 days of seminars full of ideas for classes, games, warm-ups,  birthday parties, lesson plans, and more.  The coaches were amazed with how many ideas were shared in the seminars and realized they could make small changes in their own classes that would have a big impact on their students.  Now that the coaches are back to work, Deanna and Lesley are noticing more enthusiasm from them and a better learning experience for the kids.  They had a great time in Indianapolis, and even practiced a little gymnastics while they were there!