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Friday Night Flip Out


FRIDAY NIGHT FLIP OUT IS BACK! Masks are to be worn at all time and participants need to register in advance through our parent portal or by calling (586)752-3547.

Friday Night Flip Out is Fridays from 8:30-10:30pm for kids 7 years and older.  We turn the music up, the disco lights on, and have a great party in the gym with games, raffles, contests and more!  It’s $10 per child and registration in advance is required for this event due to limited capacity.  New participants need a signed parent consent form before entering the gym.  To download a parent consent form, click here.

We do not hold Friday Night Flip Out on major holidays, the week of July 4th, or on the Friday of the Romeo Peach Festival. Other than that, we are here for you!

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